29 April 2006

Why the Houstan Texans Are the Worst NFL team

Houston signs a DE.

Houston needs an offensive line more than anything else. How could that not be more obvious? I thought it was funny that everyone figured they'd pick Reggie Bush. Yes, he's amazing but great RBs need great OLs. It's hard to imagine Reggie Bush being a great performer behind such a weak OL.

Houston needs an OL that gives QB David Carr a chance. So far, he hasn't gotten one. As one sportswriter said, he's more a pinata than a QB.

Bad players and bad managment. That's why the Texans will stink once again next season.

In other sports news, tennis players Albert Costa and Thomas Enqvist are retiring. Costa has a French Open title. I feel bad for Enqvist because he had so many injury problems. I've seen him play at the Cincinnati ATP when he was healthy, and he was overpowering. Huge serve, huge strokes and extremely fit. And like all Swedes, he was cool as a cucumber. But he could never string together a series of solid victories because he kept getting hurt. He can join the club (it's a big one: Andres Gomez, Yannick Noah, Patrick Rafter...)

Anyway, thanks for the memories and best wishes to both these fine players.

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Andrew Warner said...

In other news...

How about Kobe and those Lakers? Have you ever seen a player adapt his game so well?

More props to Phil Jackson though, the Lakers look like a well oiled machine out there. Who would have thought that we would see Kwame Brown assert so much authority?