01 May 2006

6th District GOP Candidate: "I'm Not an Arab"

Noble County Commissioner and 6th District Congressional candidate Danny Harmon wanted to make it clear to everyone at the Lincoln Day Dinner that he was not an Arab.

He argued, though, that recent telephone polls by one of his opponents is referring to him as though his name sounds like Har-Mown, which gives voters a different idea about who he is.

"I'd like to tell you ladies and gentleman that I'm not an Arab," Harmon said. He said the phone poll is fraudulently making his name sound different in order to take votes away from him, and that is dishonest.

[Athens News...]

Like all superiorly patriotic Republicans, Harmon wants to "protect our family values and to safeguard the American way of life." He also wants to bring back American jobs from what he calls "foreign captivity".

But most importantly, he's not an Arab. If there's one thing patriots can agree on, it's that the U.S. Congress is no place for an Arab. Arabs are bad. Worse than gays, according to some of my sources (I wouldn't know; I think it's best to keep away from gays and Arabs).

Only Christians can be counted on in this time of war. Well, maybe some good Jews, but why take a chance? Let's just stick with the Christians. Like Danny Harmon.

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