15 May 2006

Republican Official Attends Frat Party

Republican Rep. John Sweeney's attendance at a beer-drinking, college fraternity party has drawn criticism from Democrats who accused the New York lawmaker of using poor judgment.

"What is a 50-year-old congressman doing at a frat party at 1 in the morning cavorting with students 30 years his junior? Teaching them how a bill becomes a law?"



K. said...

completely off-topic....if you can get your hands on a May15, 2006 - New Yorker Magazine - great article about Ivan Lendl's kids - all girls, all golf prodigies.

if you can't ge the magazine - send me an email and i'll scan the article and send it to you.

WestEnder said...

Interesting... I'll go snag a copy!

I know Lendl picked up golf towards the end of his career. Word on the street was that he was pretty good at it, so it's not surprising that his kids would pick it up.