09 September 2008

WKRC Sucks Donkey Balls

It's true. WKRC, instead of televising the US Open finals like a normal CBS affiliate, chose to air a "special" broadcast of weatherman Tim Hendrick performing-- and I am not making this up-- science experiments for kids. So instead of watching one of the year's biggest sporting events and the only major tennis tournament in the U.S., one in which Roger Federer made history by winning his fifth straight title in spectacular fashion thus becoming the only man to win five straight titles in two different majors, I got to see a weatherman do tricks for kids.

Whomever made this decision is a maggot-infested heap of fetid, putrescent flotsam.


Anonymous said...

WestEnder - I totally agree. I could not believe they did not show the finals.
I have called stations before because of crap just like this in the Queen City and receive no warm body to bitch at or if I do they do not know what I am talking about but "can give you the number of the program director." I have also gone this route but never received a return call.

Kate The Great said...

WE- I know how much you like tennis. I have another friend who told me how much it sucked. If it's any consolation, Hedrick is fighting prostate cancer. Maybe we can give him a pass this time?

Anon- having worked in a newsroom for nine years, that is likely where your call was directed, and THOSE folks can't do sh*t for you. You need to call during regular business hours and ask to talk to someone in programming. Warm body, yes (but they'll likely have deaf ears, too).

WestEnder said...

I have no problem with Hendrick, he seems like a good guy and has a good on-air personality. My beef is with the decision-maker.

Good luck to Hendrick; prostate cancer has a survival rate over 95% so that's good news.