04 September 2008

Thank You, GOP, for Wasting My Time

You know, I'm convinced that the best thing that can happen to the GOP is to have massive, humiliating defeats in every election at every level. Because that is probably the only thing that will lead them to fix their own house. And they need to fix their own house.

When I watched the Dem convention, I was impressed. It was not only watchable, but delivered the goods pretty well. Maybe it was because my expectations were so low, I figured.

After watching the RNC last night, I know my expectations of the GOP were too high. I expected something special. After all, they've got hurdles to jump: they have to follow a Dem convention that hit a home run, and they have to overcome a complete loser of a VP pick (you don't have to take my word for it).

And what did they offer? The same, tired old bullshit rhetoric they've been regurgitating for three decades. Unfuckingbelievable. To be fair, they did a good job of doing it; Giuliani was particularly potent punch of peppery pungency and Huckabee was a nice dollop of folksy white cream. But when you've been giving the same speech for 30 years, you get pretty good at it.

So if you missed it, here's the recap: the liberals control everything and if we don't fight them they will tax us to death and make everyone work for a European-style socialist government that will take away your guns and babies and give them to the UN. Anything you hear otherwise is misinformation from the liberal media. Also, DRILL NOW!!

Thank you, GOP, for wasting my time. Since your rhetoric is the same as the last 8 years, I'll assume your plans for governing are also the same.


Anonymous said...

These guys aren't exactly proactive (as much as I hate using that word, nothing else fits).

The GOP has only had four presidents to sit two entire terms and two of them were in the last 30years. You can't expect them to come up with anything new.

5chw4r7z said...

I didn't listen to McCain last night just for that reason. Same ol same ol.
Palin on the other hand. WOWEE!

But Obama hasn't exactly kept it secret he wants to tax anything that moves or breathes.

WestEnder said...

After I heard Palin I told a friend that she gave a speech that would impress people who are easily impressed. It had no substance, no ideas, no solutions, no issues. Hockey mom hockey mom hockey mock Obama, that's pretty much it. I need meat with my potatoes.

McCain's night was awful. They lined up the WORST speakers and it was little more than a circle jerk for McCain the war hero. McCain's speech was a bit of a dud. Even Republicans are saying meh.

Not sure where you're getting your info on Obama's tax plan but actually he's been pretty clear he would reduce taxes on 95% of Americans. In any case, thinking in terms of cost of living rather than lower taxes is a better way to view economics, regardless of what the corporate Republicans who pay Rush and FOX tell you.