27 September 2008

Top Nerds Endorse Obama

Not just ordinary nerds... Nobel Prize-winning nerds. Sixty-one of them signed a letter of endorsement (pdf file):

The country urgently needs a visionary leader who can ensure the future of our traditional strengths in science and technology and who can harness those strengths to address many of our greatest problems: energy, disease, climate change, security, and economic competitiveness.

We are convinced that Senator Barack Obama is such a leader...

During the administration of George W. Bush, vital parts of our country's scientific enterprise have been damaged by stagnant or declining federal support. The government's scientific advisory process has been distorted by political considerations. As a result, our once dominant position in the scientific world has been shaken and our prosperity has been placed at risk. We have lost time critical for the development of new ways to provide energy, treat disease, reverse climate change, strengthen our security, and improve our economy.

We especially applaud his emphasis during the campaign on the power of science and technology to enhance our nation's competitiveness. In particular, we support the measures he plans to take – through new initiatives in education and training, expanded research funding, an unbiased process for obtaining scientific advice, and an appropriate balance of basic and applied research – to meet the nation's and the world's most urgent needs.

Senator Obama understands that Presidential leadership and federal investments in science and technology are crucial elements in successful governance of the world's leading country.

Thoughts: It's good to see the scientific community speaking out but it should go the whole nine yards. The Presidency is one branch and it is HIGHLY overrated in terms of importance. Most of the nitty gritty stuff that effects our daily lives happens in Congress and at the state and local level.

The scientific community should make a concerted effort to focus on all branches of government at all levels. It should demand that the media ask relevant questions. It should expect candidates to be knowledgeable about science & technology. It should promote and support scientists running for office.

There are enough nutball special interests with way too much influence. It's time for the scientific community to tilt the seesaw back towards sense and reason.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly this won't have the impact of Charlie Daniel's endorsement. The holy rollers will just assume that Satan's own are just promoting lies about the existence of evolution and globabl warming.