20 September 2008

Seen This Week Around Town

At Vine St. Kroger: a mother with two young sons, both shirtless. She walked right by the manager, who said they can't be in the store like that and would have to wait out front. "But it's his birthday!" she replied.

In front of King Wok, Clifton: a cute asian girl in a nice summer dress being chatted up by two guys. Then a third guy darts through traffic from the other side of the street and approaches her. "I love you, I think you're beautiful and I want to marry you!" he tells her. It was a great start to her week, I'm sure.

At various dead stoplights during power outage: Six cars driving straight through without stopping, all of them SUVs, three of the drivers talking on cell phones.

At Liberty & Central: A yellow, three-wheeled motorcycle. Two wheels in front, one in the rear.


Kate The Great said...

But don't you like to go topless on your birthday?

WestEnder said...

Actually I ask everyone else to go topless on my birthday.