09 September 2008

Seen This Week Around Town

Over the weekend I saw something I've often dreamed existed but never seen: a tricked out Rolls Royce. It was in the West End, two blocks from home.

Returning from a meeting yesterday morning, I saw a girl-- maybe a teenager but no older than early 20s-- on an OTR corner. She was standing, her body and head spastically jerking back and forth and side to side almost like being sporadically juiced by electricity. While doing this she was kind of rotating but somehow not losing her balance. She was completely detached from reality. She looked baaaaad. We guessed meth and probably two or three other things.

I saw a Prius on the highway with the license plate "HIGH MPG."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In the Mt. Washington/Anderson area, there's an SUV that's been converted into a limo. Must get gallons per mile.