27 September 2008

Skip the Box Lunch at Fuji House

Fuji House is a new restaurant in Hyde Park Plaza. I had lunch there last week.

When you enter, you have two dining options, the hibachi grill menu or the regular menu. Since there were only two of us, I suggested the regular menu. The hibachi show seems more fun with a tableful.

We both ordered the same thing, the spicy chicken box lunch. While waiting we agreed the space is well designed and well decorated.

The spicy chicken is a generous portion of sauteed chicken and onions. And no, it is not spicy. The flavor was okay, nothing great. The real issue was the chicken, which was a bit dry and tough.

The box lunch comes with three sushi rolls which are not even worth mentioning. It also comes with what I guessed was a piece of fried plaintain puree. That was good, actually.

Overall, we were disappointed. We were hoping for something a little bit special but what we got was very average. My companion also warns that the pepper shaker seemed to be filled with something that is not regular pepper. She is a picky eater and was especially disappointed in Fuji House and said she'd never go back. I might go back, but only with a group of people for the hibachi.


Allison said...

good to have the heads up on fuji house! i hate being disappointed by sushi.

aren't parents scary? we can't live without them, but sometimes i wonder how we survive them.

CitizenCain said...

Wow, I'm kind of surprised by your experience. I found Fuji’s House to be terrific. I went to dinner there for the first time last night and I’ll most definitely be going back within a couple weeks. I’m sure they have made improvements since they first opened grabbling with new chefs, new equipment and the like. I’ll agree that the venue itself was stunning with its modern looks coupled with traditional Japanese art work. I really like the distinction in the restaurant’s layout between the quiet, private main dinning area and the backroom with the many hibachi grills. The outside patio should be nice too once it warms up outside.

I can’t say I tried the chicken but the steak and shrimp struck me as great cuts that were fresh and flavorful. Their sushi was really well put together with fresh ingredients and a great composition of roe, mustards and other sauces on top of an almost overdone presentation. Actually if you’re into seafood I would HIGHLY recommend the calamari there as well, best I’ve had in Cincinnati and for that matter almost all seafood restaurants west coast or east coast.

Do you think the pepper mill on the table could have been five spice? I recall in Australia a lot of the Japanese restaurants did that.