02 August 2008

It's Funny Because They Were Serious

I laughed two times this week. The first time was while watching the Today show. The topic was how to have a good doctor-patient relationship. This was the exchange:

Lauer: Your first tip is "don't have a hidden agenda." What do you mean by that?

Guest: It means you should have an agenda, and it should not be hidden.

The second laugh came last night when I woke up to get a drink. I turned on the TV and saw the last segment of "Family Feud" when the family picks two people to go for the mother lode. One question was "Name a tree that streets are named after."

The first one said "eucalyptus." When the second person had her turn, she said the same thing, eucalyptus. I almost fell on the floor.

The #1 answer was "Elm," followed by probably every other kind of tree except eucalyptus.


liz said...

wait, you only laughed twice the whole week???

WestEnder said...

Well, as far as bona fide guffaws I would have to say only two, perhaps three. The rest were chuckles, chortles, snorts, that sort of thing.

Also I sprained my ankle yesterday which would normally not be funny except that I do not know how I did it.

(I just realized that "chortle" seems to be a combination of "chuckle" and "snort." I'll bet that's where it came from)

liz said...

if it makes you feel any better, a bird shit on me on wednesday. also that should make you laugh, or at least chortle.

WestEnder said...

I saw that happen to a guy at the ATP tennis tourney one year. He did not notice and someone had to tell him.

Kate The Great said...

Your first example made me laugh out loud, too. Actually, my mouth spit a little bit when I read the response to Lauer's question.


Cincinnati Therapy Guy said...

I hate hidden agendas - they're so...secretive