12 August 2008

From the Dept. of Good News, Meat-Eating Division

Mindful of your red meat consumption? Maybe the solution is to drink more red wine:

What hap­pens when red wine meets red meat? If that hap­pens in the stom­ach, wine’s health­ful chem­i­cals may thwart forma­t­ion of harm­ful sub­stances re­leased dur­ing di­ges­tion of fat in the meat, sci­en­tists re­port.

Wine con­cen­trate substan­ti­ally re­duced forma­t­ion of two byprod­ucts of fat di­ges­tion, mal­on­di­alde­hyde and hy­dro­per­ox­ide, which are tox­ic to cells, the in­ves­ti­ga­tors said.

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