12 August 2008

Bob Ney Has Been Living in Cincinnati?

It's true. Bob Ney, a politician so corrupt he actually stood out in a field of corrupt politicians, was transferred to a halfway house in Cincinnati in February.

Ney, a Republican who served six House terms and served the Chillicothe area for about six years , has served nearly a year and a half of his original 2 1/2 years prison sentence. The sentence was reduced after he completed treatment for alcohol problems, and a federal prisons Web site shows Aug. 16 as his release date.

Ney, 54, was transferred in February from the Federal Corrections Institution in Morgantown, W.Va., to Cincinnati for placement in a halfway house as a transition to freedom. Prison authorities have declined to identify the halfway house.

Any Bob Ney sightings out there? On a golf course, perhaps? A bar? A GOP event?

I'll admit it-- there's a part of me (the evil part) that hopes to run into him somewhere.


Anonymous said...

One of the Talbert Houses could be one of the several half-ways; they has had many noted "dignitaries" over the years serving time away from the original prison site. You need a sponsor who will be there to interface with your case worker/probation officer. Hopefully you will find some constant employment that can get you to and from work, unless you are well off enough to have your family foot the bill. Ask the WhistleBlower's crystal ball; he seems to dish on both sides of the political spectrum.

WestEnder said...

Talbert House... good call, hadn't thought of that.

Anonymous said...

westender,So what's your plan of attack, throw a french fry at him?

WestEnder said...

No, I would stop, take a moment, and come up with a really awesome anonymous comment.