15 August 2008

Zola's: Good Pub Grub

I went to Zola's last week and ordered the cordon bleu burger with fries. What the server brought was a chicken cordon bleu sandwich with fries. This made no sense since she wrote down my order, including how I wanted the burger cooked. Nobody gets a medium-rare chicken!

The mystery was solved when the woman at the table behind us, who got her food at the same time, asked why she got a hamburger with cole slaw when she ordered chicken cordon bleu with cole slaw. So we switched sandwiches, everything was fine and my hungry stomach did not have to wait another ten minutes for my burger.

I've been to Zola's (Covington, MainStrasse) several times now and I can say with confidence that they make juicy and delicious burgers. The fries and slaw are good, too.

They offer several different kinds of burgers. So far the cordon bleu, featuring swiss cheese and a slice of ham, is my favorite. It's a good combo. And it's only $5 on "burger madness" Wednesdays.

I also went to Zola's for lunch one time and ordered the daily special, a steak sandwich. It was delicious. Salty, but delicious.

Zola's isn't fancy; except for three TVs tuned in to ESPN, it's pretty sparse. But the totality of my experience with Zola's indicates that they pay attention to what they're doing in the kitchen. They also have clean bathrooms and the staff is professional and easy on the eyes to boot.


VisuaLingual said...

Zola's burgers are amazing, some of the best in the area! I don't understand why Zip's gets all the love.

Cincinnati Therapy Guy said...

I'll be going to Zola's, maybe this week - I've never been, you've got my curiosity up - thanks

Julie said...

I've been there for burger madness-- great stuff. Too bad it's smoky. :/

WestEnder said...

I agree about Zip's and I've always wondered the same thing. Forget about the Zipburger and try the chili for a change, people.

I'm not a big fan of N.Ky's smokiness either but so far I've lucked out at Zola's; it's never been that smoky when I've gone. I probably just jinxed myself by saying that.

liberal foodie said...

do they have a turkey burger for those of us that don't eat beef? i am on a hunt for the best alternative burger. I imagine it's a forgeign concept here in the porkopolis.

WestEnder said...

Good question. I can't remember for sure, but Zola's menu is extensive for a pub so I'm guessing they do. I think I recall a veggie burger on the menu as well.

Habit's Cafe in Oakley Square has an ostrich burger. That's definitely "alternative!"

Now that I think about it, the search for non-beef burgers sounds like a pretty good um, "research" project.

Julie said...

The ostrich burger at Habit's is really good and virtually indistinguishable, texture-and-taste-wise, to beef.

WestEnder said...

Update: Zola's does NOT have a turkey burger but they do have a veggie burger.

liberal foodie said...

hopefully your research is coming along just fine. I've had Arthur's Turkey burger adn Ollie's Trolley. I read Zip's has one too that I haven't tried. I'll have to venture out there sometime. I wish more restos would have them.