22 August 2008

Gift for the Person Who Has Everything...

... including hemorrhoids:


Not a suppository...not an ointment...but a new, clinically tested method of treating hemorrhoids with cold therapy. Hemorr-Ice® has a special cooling liquid sealed inside so it acts like an ice pack on your hemorrhoid . Simply apply the chilled inserter for two to five minutes. Hemorr-Ice® shrinks the blood vessels... reduces bleeding... and promotes healing of inflamed tissues. Provides fast relief from pain, itching and bleeding. Safe to use, as often as desired.

You think the post title doesn't make sense but it does. Check the link, it's an online gift shop.


QueerCincinnati.com said...

Um. are you saying you would like someone to purchase this for you, darling????

WestEnder said...

Okay, that's quite enough of that. Why am I not surprised that your mind is in the gutter?