30 July 2008

CVG, Delta: Need Some Time Apart?

Four items regarding the CVG airfare situation. Last year it was reported that CVG is the nation's most expensive airport.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: (via)

Cincinnati, Ohio... remains one of the airline industry's most glaring examples of legacy airline price domination.

If the city would open itself to more low-cost airline service, prices will tumble and remain low with all players holding a tight competition to attract customers.

From the Dayton Business Journal:

The Dayton International Airport saw passenger totals increase by about 3,000 people in June, compared to the same month last year...

Airport director Iftikar Ahmad has attributed airport increases to lower fares than other airports...

And also from the DBJ:

Delta to increase baggage fees.

And from this very blog, about two years ago:

County commissioner Todd Portune and Hamilton County auditor Dusty Rhodes want the county to study the idea of a luxury bus service to take people to the airports in Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis and Louisville.

But the two other county commissioners, Pat DeWine and Phil Heimlich, rejected spending any public money on it, saying it's not for the government to decide.

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Radarman said...

It's possible that the Atlanta piece was ispired by Cynthia Tucker's horror at the cost of her flights to and from Cincinnati for the Harriet Beecher Stowe Lecture in June. The Library paid and paid and paid.