21 June 2007

Stem Cell Funding Vote: the Ohio Tally

President Bush, heeding messages sent by Jesus and received via tinfoil hat, has vetoed federal funding for stem cell research. Again.

Joining him in the fight to maintain disease were 34 Senators and 176 Representatives. The Ohio tally:

Voting for disease:

George Voinovich
John Boehner
Steve Chabot
Paul Gillmor
David Hobson
Jim Jordan
Marcy Kaptur
Jean Schmidt
Patrick Tiberi
Michael Turner
Charlie Wilson

Voting for medical progress:

Sherrod Brown
Stephanie Jones
Dennis Kucinich
Steven LaTourette
Deborah Pryce
Ralph Regula
Zack Space
Betty Sutton

Not voting: Tim Ryan

This morning I watched the Dummocrat press conference while having breakfast. It was as pathetic and ineffectual as anything else the Dems do. One by one, the bill's sponsors went to the mike and blamed Bush for not getting it and vowed to continue the fight.

Well, I vow to continue the fight to blame the Dummocrats for not getting it, too. Not one Dem called on the public to speak out. Not one Dem called on constituents to put the heat on members of Congress who voted "nay". Not one Dem said the Party would take on those who voted "nay". Not one Dem said they would try to change enough votes to override a veto. Not one Dem acknowledged that Bush is detached from reality and is impregnable to common sense.

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