28 June 2007

I've Been Slimed!

No, not slimed... what's the word? Ah, yes, TAGGED.

Eight random facts about myself:

1. My mother was born in Asia, my father and sister were born in Africa, and I was born in N. America.

2. I spoke Swahili when I was a tyke. My family still uses the word "pili pili" to describe something that is spicy hot and not temperature hot.

3. I threw a good slider in high school.

4. I have excellent hand-eye coordination except for high-flying objects. As a result, I sucked at outfield, typically a pretty easy position. I had a bit of trouble with football kicks and tennis lobs, too.

5. Babies and animals always seem to like me.

6. I like watching cats being cats. They do funny things.

7. My all-time favorite show is probably M*A*S*H.

8. I appreciate people with artistic & musical talent, partly because I have so little.