30 June 2007

Clark St. Blog Literary Recommendation

Picasso at the L'Apin Agile is a play by Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin. The Jerk. The Man with Two Brains. The philosophy major and art collector.

The premise: Picasso and Einstein, young and on the cusp of greatness, meet at a bar in Paris. They see the world in different ways.

If you appreciate Steve Martin's unique comedic style, you'll like the play. And you don't have to take my word for it... Wes liked it, too (and he was lucky enough to see a performance).

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Anonymous said...

Steve Martin is a really good writer. His novels are worth your time. We've tried to get him to come and speak, but he doesn't do that. Doesn't have to. He's as rich as he is smart and funny.