16 June 2007

Better then Wikipedia?

Who knew Wikipedia was co-founded by a Buckeye?

[Larry] Sanger, who received his master's and doctorate degrees from Ohio State and taught in the department of philosophy until 2005, had previously been editor-in-chief of a project called Nupedia.

"The problem with Nupedia ... was that it was not growing as quickly as we thought a free encyclopedia project could grow," Sanger said.

He said the Nupedia community did not support the project, so he came up with the name Wikipedia and it was launched under its own domain name.

As Wikipedia's success grew, Sanger said, so did its problems.

Although Sanger admits the reason Wikipedia has grown so quickly is because it is a "radically open project," he said the accuracy of entries is an issue because there is little to no input by experts.

Sanger is currently working on a project called Citizendium... He said it is similar to what he originally envisioned Wikipedia would be.

"We don't want another MySpace that's basically uncontrolled. We want a project that uses real names and where people take responsibility for what they do."

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