03 June 2007

Paul Newman Donates $10m to Kenyon College

Paul Newman donated $10 million last week to his alma mater, Kenyon College.

Newman, a 1949 graduate of Kenyon, and his wife, actress Joanne Woodward, were the honorary chairs of Kenyon's most recent fund-raising campaign from 1998 to 2001, the college said.

At Kenyon, Newman studied English, theater and economics and started a popular laundry service to earn extra money, the college said.

"I owe Kenyon a great deal," he said. "I even started my first business there, and I depended on that extra $60 a week. I personally feel great affection and a debt of gratitude for Kenyon."

The Newman-supported scholarship fund will generate at least $450,000 each year for minority and other underrepresented groups.

Three interesting factoids about Kenyon:

My friends Patrick and Ann went there;
It is located in the geographic center of Ohio;
According to a couple of psychics, the most evil spot on earth is on the campus.

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