26 June 2007

Civil War? What? Where?

Iraqi vs. Iraqi...

Iraqi authorities have issued an arrest warrant against the Sunni culture minister and raided his home on Tuesday after he was accused of ordering an assassination attempt against a secular Sunni politician more than two years ago...

Now hold on there, you crazy liberals. Just because one Iraqi government official plots an assassination of another Iraqi official does not mean there is internal strife, much less civil war. This is not a sign that the war (our war, not the civil war, which, again, does not exist) is going badly. Rather, it is a sign that we should bomb Iran, as sensible neocon pundits recommend.

Again, there is no civil war. It's all Al Qaeda.


Wes said...

OT: You've been tagged.


Jimmy Carter said...

Iran is on the supply end in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Their actions kill Americans.

They also are behind other destabilization efforts in the middle ease, like Lebanon and Gaza.

They are fighting this war with a concerted effort, and nobody sane could deny that. We refuse to fight them.

If Iran does come through on their promise to take Israel off the map, I say we blame Bush.

Wes said...

That last commenter befouls the name of an American who is far better and more patriotic than he/she will ever be.


WestEnder said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree with that.

Jimmy Carter said...


I am not sure what I said that you disagree with. Can't we all just get along?

I promise to blame Bush whatever happens. I thought that was the ticket into the club.

Nice to see arrowhead ripper going well.

Wes said...

Well, the "at war since 1979" issue leads right-wingers like yourself to a quandary - under that, then Saint Ronnie Reagan and all connected with Iran-Contra should have been charged for treason.

Now that's a firing squad I'd have happily paid to see.


Jimmy Carter said...

Iran is actively involved in the killing of American servicemen, and your solution would be to dig up Ronald Reagan and submit him to a firing squad.

Interesting "real world" solution to the problems presented in these times.

I don't think we have a lot of good options.

Wes said...

Not familiar with the past tense, are we?

Look, there are major geopolitical issues to resolve, but even with war with Iran is an option (it isn't), do you really want the current regime prosecuting it?

We engaged Libya, and look what happened.

We got involved with the problems in Northern Ireland, and look what happened.

War is a failure of imagination, amongst other things.

(And I question whether Iran is "actively involved." If the Bush Junta sez the sky is blue, it's best to remain skeptical. But hey, you wanna kill yerself some brown people what don't worship JEEEEEEzus!, so I'm not gonna convince you otherwise.)