11 April 2006

Space Exploration in the News

3 items having to do with space exploration:

NASA’s newest satellite, Orbiter, has transmitted Martian pictures with its HiRISE camera (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment).

Here is the first “color” image.

Here is the image with 3-D perspective.

If you like those and want to see more pictures of space (they can be pretty cool), check out this site with user-submitted pictures.

And in a related story:

U.S. Losing Unofficial Space Race, Congressmen Say

Some congressmen believe the United States and China are in an unacknowledged space race that this country could lose if it doesn't spend more money on the civilian space program. [more…]

The U.S. space program is also being gradually turned over to private corporations (what isn't?). It’s part of “neoconomics”. But like everything else neocon, it will be a losing proposition in the long term.

1 comment:

Mark said...

I'm waiting for the first new face. The crazies were up to whole Martian cities the last time I checked.