18 April 2006

Ohio Native Gay-bashed in St. Maarten

In the bar, some men started verbally harassing Smith and Swensen after they hugged. While their harassers were ejected by bar staff, the men waited outside for the couple when they left to return to their hotel.


Dick Jefferson, a senior broadcast producer for CBS News, saw Smith being attacked when he returned from the casino and tried to intervene. He was knocked unconscious by a blow from a four-way tire iron.

“The police response has been no police response. The best way I can explain the police response is when the detective finally came after three phone calls to get my report, he asked, ‘Why should I even bother talking to you? Are you guys even going to file charges? You are just going back to America,’ ” Jefferson said. “Police were totally indifferent to the situation, the crime, or to the seriousness of it.”

The 6’ 7” Smith was still in intensive care six days later in a Miami hospital, unable to speak coherently with severe head trauma. Doctors believe he has a long period of rehabilitation ahead of him.


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Mark said...

You have to think that the Department of Tourism is going to have a word with the detective. "Mouth off to a media rep? And the local economy is based on what?"