20 April 2006

Jean Schmidt Gives Greatest Debate Performance Ever

Last night was the debate between Republican OH-2 candidates Bob "Two-states" McEwen and Jean "I support the President on that" Schmidt.

It was Jean Schmidt's finest performance ever. Check out QCF's report to see why.


Mark said...

What's the deal about McEwen not living in Ohio? I thought he lived right behind me.

Anonymous said...

Bob lives in Anderson. I have eaten dinner at his home.

WestEnder said...

Don't tell me, tell Stan Chesley.

...and the Enquirer:

An Enquirer review of public records has shown that McEwen and his wife, Liz, have used the addresses of two different women in Highland and Hamilton counties to register to vote in Ohio, even though they did not live there. The McEwens own a home in the Washington suburb of Fairfax, Va.

Since you know him well, perhaps you could ask him why he uses one address for living, another for hosting dinners, and yet two more for registering to vote.

Mark said...

I don't know what anon's seen but I checked the condo behind my building and the name "McEwen" is on it. Maybe it's a daughter or relative.

Louis said...

Schmidt v. McEwen. What a horrible, horrible pair to choose from. I'd laugh about it, and about how these two cheeseballs sum up everything that's rotten about the Republican party, but I live in the 2nd District and I know one of them will end up representing me in Congress. Why? Because too many of my fellow 2nd residents are too stupid to vote anything but GOP.

Wes said...

But...but...they believe in savin' the BAYBEES! And keepin' the homos down!

I have noticed an uptick in anonymous comments defending Bob McEwen on blogs. Mr. McEwen, shouldn't you be out campaigning?


Anonymous said...

In a March 23, 2006 letter from Jean Schmidt, Mrs. Schmidt gave as her excuse for not debating in Anderson Township, " I would not expect you to agree to debate me in front of my Republican Club and I won't debate in front of yours."

Now, let's follow the simple logic. If Anderson Township is Bob McEwen's "home club" then he must be a resident of Anderson Township by Jean Schmidt's own written admission. If he is not a resident of Anderson Township, then Jean Schmidt should have been at the Anderson Township Republican Club Debate since it could not be his home club. Jean Schmidt again speaks from both sides of her mouth. However, I'll bet Stan Chesley will have a fit once this letter is brought up in court. How can Schmidt say McEwen is not a resident when she admits in writing he is a resident?

Anonymous said...

Jean ducked the Anderson debate, seet on a night of her choosing coincidentally. She ran to the Clermont Klan, lead by Tim Rudd, the Dudd, who had a $90,000 a year job created just for him by Jean Schmidt.There 28% of precinct committeemen supported the Jean Klan. The word is McEwen has more support within the Central Committee than Jean and they avoided the meeting so as not to get their marching orders from, Railroad Conductor Tim.
rudd's term is coming toean end, soon. Come May 3rd, the congressman elect will ask him to not run for reelection, publicly. Right Debbie???

K. said...

this woman continues to exhibit real class. what an unfortunate representation of your fine state.
(no worries - i took a blogging sabbatical. general disenchantment with the world drove me here...)