21 April 2006

'Blow Your Mind' Friday

It sure is fun to think about things that are beyond the limits of human comprehension. Like infinity, for example. There's an unruly hooligan.

But my favorite is space-time. Space-time was created when the universe was created. What was there before the universe? Where was it if there was no such thing as space? How long was it there if there was no such thing as time? Where did all the energy and space-time come from?

I'm reminded of such questions whenever I read something about black holes, like this computer simulation scientists developed to determine what happens when two black holes collide. There's a video.

And I'll leave you with Heidegger's fundamental question: why is there something instead of nothing?

(Have it on my desk by Monday)

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Mark said...

Maybe this ties into the philosopy but the link isn't working.

In Hawkings A Brief History of Time, he theorized that time doesn't have a beginning, that it's rounded like sphere. Somehow the beginning of time would be like the West Pole, a physical impossibility.

Frankly, I have no clear understanding of this but if anyone else knows anything about it, fill me in.