25 April 2006

Drake Center Up for Sale Again

The Business Courier reports that Hamilton County and the Health Alliance cannot agree on a final price for the Drake Center. The Health Alliance has been managing the facility on an interim basis. The parties have agreed to open it up for bids.

The Drake Center has also cut costs and improved income under its new management (at least according to the new management):

Health Alliance executives have said that in the four months they've been running Drake, the hospital's acute-care inpatient count has increased to 106 from 68 and operating costs have been cut by several million dollars.

The Drake Center was fiscally inefficient (I had an inside source) so that needed fixing. But it provides an important service to a specific patient population so the county should ensure that whomever manages the facility maintains fidelity to the mission.


Wes said...

Phil Heimlich has been trying to get rid of Drake for years. Phil is one of those reflexive anti-taxers who believes that there is no such thing as "the general welfare."


WestEnder said...

This is true. And he's received lots of money for his re-election campaign from Carl Lindner and Dick Farmer, two of America's biggest champions of corporate government.