19 April 2006

Ohio Town Learns Anti-Tax Lesson the Hard Way

I just love people who know there's no such thing as a free lunch and then complain about not getting free lunches:

Budget problems have forced officials to turn off streetlights and cut the hours of the community's only police officer and street maintenance worker.

The village lost nearly $16,000 in annual revenue when voters rejected a tax issue by one vote in November. More reductions could be ordered by the Village Council if another tax measure fails at the polls May 2.

The best comment:

Some residents have accused council members of having the 78 streetlights turned off - beginning in February - because voters defeated the first tax measure.

"Because the levy wasn't passed, they just turned the lights out," said Beatrice Dean, a resident who owns the Stonefront Tavern. "I really and truly believe that they are trying to get back at the townspeople for not passing that levy."

Yes, that’s right Ms. Dean- just like college canceled my registration to “get back” at me for not paying my tuition on time. And like phone company turns off the phone to “get back” at people that don’t pay for the service. And the electric company, and the cable company…

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TravisG said...

You mean I've gotta buy a ticket for the gravy train? Somebody's gonna hafta take some personal responsibility around here, and it's not gonna be me.