28 April 2006

But Will it Work with Heroin?

It wasn't invented by a kid, but lord knows every kid has been wanting this invention for a long time:

The needle-free injection device.

It's won an award for excellence in medical design, and initial tests show that it works perfectly: delivers the drug with less pain and less skin reaction.

(hat tip: Medgadget.com)


K. said...

the only reason i have no tattoos and no pierces is my total fear of needles. I HATE getting shots, I hate the idea of a tiny little needle piercing me. it creeps me out. I have my ears pierced, and to this day, i recount it as one of the worst experiences of my life. i passed out and threw up.

i can't get blood drawn without passing out either. it bugs me a little 'cause i feel like such a wimp, and normally, i'm pretty tough.

Mark said...

On the faint but bright side, if it did work for heroin, it would reduce the risk of HIV.

Libertarian Jason said...

Kind of like the "hypospray" from Star Trek!