24 February 2009

Root Canal Leads to Signage Post

I've had a molar that's been bothering me recently. It got painful enough on Friday that I figured I should look up a dentist (my old one retired). I called late afternoon but they were already closed. As luck would have it (at least the kind of luck I seem to get) it got very painful just in time for the weekend.

So I took a lot of ibuprofen on Friday but on Saturday I had to take it up a notch with prescription meds. I had a little fun by combining it with alcohol and heavy machinery (monster trucks, etc.). I don't think anyone was hurt but it's hard to say for sure given my medicated state.

Anyway, I knew the tooth was infected and that I would need a root canal, so I called on Monday and set it up for today. Now the Novocaine is wearing off so I'm gearing up for another evening of painkillers and tequila.

I saw this sign in the endodontist's office complex and I had to take a shot because I knew no one would believe me otherwise:

And now that I think about it no one would have believed this one, either, if I didn't show it:


Anonymous said...

On 5-mile Road, there's a gynecologist named Dr. Everhard. It would be funnier except her first name is Janet.

liz said...

are you sure these signs are not the result of some drunken photoshopping?

WestEnder said...

Drunken photographing... yes, sometimes. But not drunken photoshopping.

And I just now remembered that there is an insurance salesman in Beechmont named Dick Hertz.

k said...

our music teacher in 5th grade was named mrs. lickdyke. in our naivity, we kept saying "haha. her name's mrs. lickdick", never realizing the actual name was much funnier.

Anonymous said...

I think if I had a funny name I would have to find a way to incorporate it into my advertising. Everybody remembers his/her Mrs. Lickdyke. Mine was our next door neighbors growing up, Mr and Mrs Fangboner.

WestEnder said...

I also just remembered that my 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Drunkard.

And I was searching the phone directory one time and I saw the last name "Batman."

Kate The Great said...

My sister had a soccer coach named Harry Dick.

A chick went through high school before I did - her name Heidi Hoah.

I had a roommate whose father changed their last name after he graduated collge. From Titsworth to Tinsworth. Somthing about being descendants from high priced hookers or something.

I don't make this stuff up.

Makes me think maybe I should be a bit more pious considering my last name.