05 February 2009

In this Corner, George W. Bush...

...and in this corner, the American people.

Yes, he's gone... but the sooner we forget the nightmare the sooner we will go back to sleep again. Let's remember by summing up the Bush administration in two links:

Nonstick Chemicals Linked to Infertility

A provocative new study finds that women who have trouble getting pregnant are more likely to have high concentrations of certain nonstick-chemical pollutants circulating in their blood than are those who become pregnant within the first month of trying.

...plenty of both compounds still can be found in air, water and the bodies of people throughout the developed world. Indeed, babies are usually born carrying traces of both compounds — and their chemical kin — supplied by their moms’ blood.

...colleagues have linked elevated concentrations... with a decreased likelihood that her baby or toddler would meet early developmental milestones...

Bush Administration Moves to Okay Toxic Teflon Pollution in Tap Water

In its final days, the Bush administration appears poised to issue an emergency health advisory for tap water polluted with the toxic Teflon chemical PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) effectively allowing a significant level of pollution and discouraging cleanup of PFOA contamination in tap water in at least 9 states.

If the Bush administration advisory is allowed to stand, it could result in blood levels of PFOA in people nearly 10 times higher than the current average amounts.

The practical effect of this first-ever federal safety level would be to sanction long-term exposures at unsafe levels under the guise of a short term advisory.

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