03 March 2009

Platform Tennis Championships!

From-- of all places-- the Business Courier:

Greater Cincinnati will host the National Platform Tennis Championships and the Presidents Cup for the first time this week.

The American Platform Tennis Association and the Greater Cincinnati Platform Tennis Association are teaming up to host the 75th annual event March 5-8.

Platform tennis is a version of tennis played with paddles, on an elevated deck about one-fourth the size of a traditional tennis court.

Four tournaments will take place over four days. These include the Men’s Nationals and Presidents Cup and Women’s Nationals and Presidents Cup. Organizers expect 176 teams to compete for the national title.

The tournaments will take place at 14 venues across the area, including the Camargo Club, Cincinnati Sports Club, Hyde Park Golf and Country Club, Kenwood Country Club and Maketewah Country Club.

1) No, I don't know the difference between the "Nationals" and the "President's Cup."

2) Yes, I also was surprised to learn that there has been a paddle tennis championship for the last 74 years.

3) I've played just about every racket-based sport, but never paddle tennis. Word on the street is that it is gaining popularity. I know one local country club is building two new paddle courts in addition to the four it already has. This weekend we will see the future, and it is paddle tennis.

4) I'm not sure if calling it "paddle tennis" is a faux pas. But I'll probably find out this weekend.

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TD said...

This reminds me of when I saw Table Tennis at the Atlanta Olympics (we saw all kinds of crazy stuff and almost nothing that is ever shown on TV - weightlifting too!). Anyway... I'm imagining that the ball moves just as fast in paddle tennis, and it's pretty incredible to watch!