03 February 2009

I Repeat: I Am Ready for Spring

Apparently no one got the memo the first time. Yes, the snow & ice is a pain in the glutes. Luckily I live a half mile from work so I just put on boots and walked. Did I say "luckily?" I don't know why I said that.

BTW, if you have older people you'd like to keep alive because you care about them or they give you birthday money or something, pass on this message: Falls are the #1 cause of serious injury in older people and the #1 cause of traumatic brain injury. I read that several months ago and I've been spreading the message among friends & family. Two specific things I've said are (1) Don't run to the phone when it rings; and (2) If it's icy outside, you should be inside.

I also tell them that if they break these rules I will not visit them in the hospital nor go to their funeral. I'm lying, but it seems like a good touch to toss in the words "hospital" and "funeral."

And now here are some recently observed wintry scenes:

Clark Street


I thought *I* had trouble getting around


Mark said...

I just drove to NKU to find that it's closed. You might have heard screaming in the distance just now.

CityKin said...

Reds Opening Day is in 2 months. Put some surf music on and turn up the heat.