14 February 2009

This Week in Strange Signage, vol. 2

It's hard to read because of the inherent challenges involved with simultaneous photography and drivery, not to mention the fact that this guy had a lead foot, but I think you can make out the sticker:

And earlier today I saw this one near my grocery store, Findlay Market (where I ran into Jeff, whom I met just a couple days ago and wouldn't have known him otherwise. Thanks, Cincy Imports!).

And FYI, if you find yourself in the Findlay Market area, keep away from this ass clown who thinks parking rules don't apply to him. He got in the parking attendant's face for several minutes, giving him a dose of ghetto fury. To the attendant's credit, he just stood there calmly and endured the rant like a true professional. Apparently the ass clown lives across the street and does this all the time.


Mark said...

Tim needs to drive behind bumper sticker #1.

k said...

how are you such a master of mobile photography? and there is no sarcasm there. i tried to photograph this super-obnoxious vanity plate while i was driving, and it looked pretty much like i was traveling through hyperspace.

WestEnder said...

Hmmm... actually that sounds like a pretty good shot!