04 July 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

It might be too rainy to celebrate outside and grill burgers but you can do the next best thing and celebrate the glory of two things that made America great, burgers and haikus:

First bite, juice trickles
beef, bacon, swiss, tastes explode
US burgers rock!

Fresh from the butcher,
When almost rare, good moist beef,
Seasoned, stands alone

The most perfect food
And then I add the bacon
A pig improved you

kobe beef burger
i couldn't tell except that
you cost this month's rent

You, you stole my heart.
Hamburger, you’re beautiful.
Not food, you are art.

You once were a cow
Now you are a burger
Tasty little cow

this is McNuggets
i said i want a Big Mac
fix your intercom

I've spent my Independence Day morning watching the maddeningly frustrating Wimbledon coverage. If you've been watching this week then you know how they prioritize coverage:

Williams sisters' matches
Interviews with Williams sisters
Commentary re: Williams sisters
Updates of Williams sisters
Williams sisters matches (replay)
Williams sisters interviews (replay)
More Commentary re: Williams sisters
Williams sisters matches (repeat replay)
Other Wimbledon coverage (time permitting)

It looks like my dream of tennis coverage being overseen by tennis fans instead of 3rd class marketing consultants shall remain unrequited. These are the people who think there's a "t" in "Wimbledon." I curse them.

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