23 July 2008

The Leis-Streicher Budget Solution

Si Leis, the power-mad sheriff who thinks only other people are crybabies when they complain, apparently has an easy plan to solve his budget woes.

If you drive on I-71 then you've seen it. Almost every few miles there is a police vehicle aiming a radar gun. Unlike other departments that actually have to deal with less funding, the sheriff can go out and pull over motorists when his pockets are a bit too light for his taste.

And Leis has the gall to threaten to remove courthouse security while at the same time complain about not having money for "the Harvest Home Parade, an annual event in Cheviot for which Leis rolls out all of the tools in his arsenal. Last year's parade featured two helicopters, a tank, a patrol boat and more than a dozen trucks, vans, Hummers and buses."

This bozo is little more than a weaponized adolescent with a trust fund, which, now that I think about it, is kinda what many Americans seem to like in their elected officials.

Anyway, check your tags and watch your speed as you approach (heading northbound) the Madison Rd. overpass, the Smith/Edwards exit and the Red Bank exit.


Wes said...

If memory serves, the HCSD entry (it is, by itself, the length of the largest marching band PLUS one or two floats) in the Harvest Home Festival parade also includes:

(1) Periodic firing of howitzers, with (no doubt) all ammunition taxpayer-funded, and

(2) An inflatable 15 - 20 ft tall Sheriff Leis.

Of course, you can't beat that he has two inmates in stereotypical striped prison garb sweeping up afterwards. Invariably, everyone involved with the float was white, and the two prisoners would be black, though I think that outcry got so loud that even Leis heard it.


Kate The Great said...

That's my neighborhood... The speed traps are so plentiful that I've considered taking the scenic drive home through O'Bryonville.