15 July 2008

Obama in da 'Nati

First of all, I can't believe I saw only one familiar face. And she was going into McCormick's to drink and watch the speech on TV and DIDN'T EVEN INVITE ME. What the hell did I shave for?

The Square was packed. A mix of ages, races, and ethnicities. The energy was palpable. I estimate the crowd at about 25,000 (I have a method).

I saw one man with a Clinton t-shirt. I saw one young woman with a t-shirt that said "I'm here, what are your other 2 wishes?"

Other shirts in force: Wulsin, Driehaus, Obama.

Victoria Wulsin spoke very well, which was nice to see. In the past it hasn't been her forte.

On the way back home I passed a young brotha who had his pants fastened halfway up his thigh. That's the lowest I've seen, about 6 inches from being socks with pockets.

Oh yeah, Obama... he said a bunch of stuff people liked. To be honest, I didn't pay much attention. Did I miss anything? I doubt it. Prove that I did and I'll buy you lunch.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

From the speech: "Well, I believe we need to move beyond the same debate we’ve been having for the past 30 years when we haven’t gotten anything done."

I like Italian. When shall we meet?

WestEnder said...

Oh, c'mon... I should buy lunch if you can find a pol who hasn't said that!

I think the closest he came to maverick-icity was the call for more personal responsibility, esp. from the youth. But I already bought myself lunch for that.

Mark said...

"Oh, c'mon... I should buy lunch if you can find a pol who hasn't said that!"

W never said it. He tried but it came out:

"Well, I believe, uh, some people in Texas believe, I believe they believe, we, uh, need to move the debate, uh, move the debate past the beyond, uh, not the same debate, the one we've been having for 30 years."

WestEnder said...

There goes my lunch.

Kate The Great said...

I was really jazzed about the speech. I left my city-limits abode and spent the evening watching the broadcast with my parents in their Northern Reaches suburban home. It's Schmidt country, but our house was rockin' with Barack.

I have to say, working in non-profit and having already discussed the idea of more opportunities for rehabbed felons, I thought it was interesting Barack mentioned that initiative.

It was a key component that came out of the Financial Stability Summit at XU last month - and I was a bit tickled that BO is thinking on the same wavelength.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

No, I mean the word "anything" is in there.

C'mon. Dumb joke. But I still want lunch.

5chw4r7z said...

He actually said we should spend the money we spent on the war on education instead like it was money sitting on the dresser. Its not an either or. If we weren't at war we wouldn't be spending money on education for the exact same reason we're not spending it now. No one can decide what course to take.