12 September 2007

Ohio AG Goes After Charter Schools

First of all, Ohio's Attorney General should be Subodh Chandra, not Marc Dann. As I pointed out in this post and then this post, Chandra was a superior candidate and a rock star on the campaign trail. The only reason ODP endorsed Dann is because it prioritized party loyalty over qualifications, as detailed in this post. And the ODP wonders why it's the object of ridicule and scorn.

But Dann is doing the right thing in going after under-performing charter schools. The Dayton Business Courier and the Daily Briefing report that Dann is filing suit against two Dayton charter schools which have together received $17m in public funding.

One of the Dayton schools, New Choices Community School, has met only 1 of 29 academic performance standards during its six years of operation as a middle school...

The other, the Colin Powell Leadership Academy, has met only 1 of 61 standards in six years of operation.

Both schools also received an 'F' on the state performance index.

And it's not just public money that the schools are wasting. The Thomas B. Fordham foundation has given $75k to the New Choices school and over $275k to the Colin Powell Academy for these underwhelming results.

Children deserve better.

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