25 September 2007

2010: A Space Odyssey

About this time last year I realized that I had developed an extreme distaste for modern TV and cinema. Some of it is good, yes, but there are two things that I just can't stand anymore.

I call it the "drunken telephoto" school of camera operation. I think you know what I mean without an explanation. I blame NYPD Blue for starting this stupid fad. I blame them for David Caruso, as well. Every day, I awake hoping that this will be the day that modern camera techniques will be recognized for what they are: the legwarmers of cinematography.

Too much camera movement and too many close-ups. This is why I watch TMC and AMC 99% of the time. Sometimes when I watch old movies I look at the scene, set, and character interplay and imagine how they would be ruined by modern cinematic technique. Seriously, how much talent and training does a person need to film close-ups while staggering around because you're eating a sandwich at the same time?

So I'm glad to report news of a movie that I think will actually be pretty damn cool. Unfortunately, it won't be here until 2010. But it will be worth the wait.

Hubble telescope to star in IMAX film

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Anonymous said...

This was a topic on Roger Ebert's web page (I think it was when he was sick and another critic filled in.) I think The Blair Witch Project was partially to blame as well.