09 September 2007

Bengals Forecast

I think the Bengals' success this season will be determined by the running game and the defense. The passing game is always solid; we can always count on that. But it does create a problem: the fast-scoring passing offense means that our defense has to spend more time on the field dealing with the opponent's offense. And that hasn't worked out so well.

Hopefully our new additions to the defense will improve its woefully lackluster performance of last season. There is (or was) some concern that CB Leon Hall might get beaten by some of the better WRs, but is there a better way to prepare for the NFL than practicing on Chad Johnson, Houshmanzadeh, and Chris Henry? I doubt it.

The offense can take the pressure off by increasing time of possession with a good ground game. This is why the loss of Kenny Irons could turn out to be pretty serious. An ACL tear is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to an RB. Let's cross our fingers for a full recovery.

But as far as this season goes, the burden pretty much falls on Rudy Johnson's legs once again. If he stays healthy and the Bengals use him wisely then things might fall into place.

So basically the situation seems to be this: the running game is same as last year and the defense should be better (but to what extent, I'm not sure). I'd guess the odds of making the postseason at 50-50.


LDP said...

Has the pre-game TV coverage started yet? After all, kick-off is only 8 hours away, and I'm not sure if that's enough time for the ESPN crew to dispense its wisdom with that inimitable David Letterman-esque sarcasm, or for our local sports-talk hosts to yell their rah-rah opinions at unemployed callers.

Mark said...

I hate to applaud dog-fighting but that's got the heat off the Bengals.