04 September 2007

Local School Cafeterias Utilize Biometrics

In a previous post I linked to a story about a Dayton grocery store which installed biometric scanners as an alternative to traditional cash or credit payment.

Now comes news of Covington Catholic H.S. using finger scanners to debit student accounts for lunches:

The school was motivated to make the high-tech change by teen absent-mindedness that found some students often forgetting their cash or debit cards and holding up the line while they searched, she said.

The lunch room's three cashiers staff computer terminals that bring up the name and photograph of each student and how much money is left in his account. After a couple of clicks that take a few seconds to complete, the money is deducted and the student is on his way.

Austin Wise, a junior, said the system could move more smoothly.

The problem?

"Guys using cash slow things down."

Get used to it, old timers!


ohdave said...

WE, I happen to live just down the road from that grocery store. Haven't uploaded my fingerprint yet. But I probably will.

The school and fix Austin's problem by making cash carriers go to a separate line. The rest just breeze right through.

Is it hard to imagine in the near future an eye scanner just like in Minority Report?

WestEnder said...

Is it hard to imagine in the near future an eye scanner just like in Minority Report?

Maybe not exactly like Minority Report, but eye scanners are one of the biometric technologies in use right now.

I heard that some air travelers can avoid the long lines by registering themselves as "safe" passengers through a background check and the airports would ID them with iris scans.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great technology to avoid having to pay cash. More importantly, in a public school environment, you are not identifying the students that are on free or reduced price meals. It looks the same to everyone and the underprivileged kids can now take the stamp off their forehead that says "POOR!"