18 September 2007

Got Irony?

Two items ironically juxtaposed in the Wilmington News Journal. First is the letter "Another vote of no confidence for Bush". This is followed by the article "DeWine: Republican Party Still Strong".

The irony continues, as one would expect from an article quoting a Republican:

Kevin DeWine said he has learned that people want smaller government, lower taxes, fiscal discipline, moral character and ethical conduct.

In other words, people want the opposite of what Republicans have been doing.


5chw4r7z said...

They also want the opposite of what they say. They want more social services for themselves, and less for everyone else.
I'll take care of myself thank you.

ohdave said...

Always interesting when people claim they can go it alone.

Good luck with that, dude. I'm sure you suck up more government largess than you care to admit.

Anonymous said...

"The Era of Big Government is Over"
-William Jefferson Clinton