31 August 2006

Update on GOP Media Manipulation

Following up on the previous, post, the Plain Dealer today did issue an apology:

Egg on our Faces

Nathan Estruth, a Republican who recently showed up at a rally a Aug. 19 in
Clermont County, presumably to give Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted
Strickland a chance, is hardly the open-minded voter he portrayed himself to
be that day.

Estruth was quoted in a Plain Dealer article about the rally saying he was
undecided in the governors race. But it turns out he's the president of Common
Sense Ohio, a new group that has raised more than $1.5 million and has begun
spending the cash on television ads slamming Democratic gubernatorial
candidate Ted Strickland.

After Estruth's name appeared in the paper, Strickland campaign workers and
many bloggers, most notably Buckeyestateblog. com, began checking him out and made the link to the group. State records show that Estruth, who's also given thousands of dollars to Republicans, heads the group.

-- Mark Naymik

I'm almost certain that the issue will end here, and it's a shame. Just as seeing one cockroach is a sign that hundreds more lurk behind the walls, so too is every Republican ethical transgression a sign that hundreds more go unnoticed.

The GOP will obviously not do anything to police themselves. They haven't done it for several years and they won't start now. Violating the law puts food in their mouths. They won't stop until they go hungry.

And the Dems? Don't make me laugh. They'll come out, squeak a little, eat a piece of cheese, and then go back into their little hole in the wall.

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Anonymous said...

At least the Plain Dealer owns up. It's hard to imagine the Enquirer even attending the event, much less owning up to having been duped.