15 August 2006

Another Democratic Campaign Implodes

In the spirit of Gore, Kerry, Dean, Hackett, and Brown... Stephanie Studebaker's promising campaign for OH-3 has crashed and burned.

Here's the WaPo article.
Here's the erstwhile campaign web site.

'Nuff said.

According to something I read somewhere, there will now be a special election for OH-3. The Dems need a new candidate. Since the candidate does not have to live in the district s/he represents, several names are being tossed about, including Paul Hackett.


Wes said...

Dangit - I don't live in Ohio anymore!

(keep your fingers crossed on the Dayton gig)

WestEnder said...

I'm trying to think if I've ever heard anyone say that before...

Wes said...

Yeah, my life has taken a weird series of turns lately. I find myself saying things like "I hope we can move back to the Midwest," "There really is some interesting pop music out there," "I do," etc. No good can come from this.