02 August 2006

Carson Palmer is 5th Highest Paid Athlete

The top 5 earners for 2005 as reported by Sports Illustrated:

Tiger Woods
Phil Mickelson
Shaquille O'Neal
Kobe Bryant
Carson Palmer

SI included endorsement income in its numbers, which I didn't type. What's the point? They're huge. We know that.

As I look at the list, I notice Tiger Woods just won a championship, Phil Mickelson just missed a championship by that much, Shaq just won a championship, and Kobe... well, nobody cares about Kobe except Kobe and Andrew Warner.

Let's hope Carson Palmer earns his place on the list this year and doesn't pull a Ken Griffey, Jr. We don't need an overpaid, underperforming erstwhile hometown hero on BOTH teams.

The latest news is that he is expected to start the first game. I hope they're not pushing it. I'd rather see him healthy in game 4 than risk injury in game 1.

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Michelle Fry said...

Top five salaries and one out of five is potentially a rapist. Oh my. I wonder what that means, if anything.