28 August 2006

DeWine Joins Backpedaling GOP

Mike DeWine is now voting against the war after he voted for it. Like a good Republican up for re-election, he is pretending his primary loyalty is to the country and not to his party. And he's certainly not the only one; read TravisG's post about Kentucky's party-liner, Geoff Davis.

Unfortunately, DeWine, et al were busted by their own John McCain, as the Toledo Blade points out:

Coming down hard on President Bush's mishandling of the war in Iraq, Mr. McCain made headlines by casting doubt on the judgment of reliable supporters of the President on the war, Mr. DeWine being a prime example.

Now that chaos reigns and civil war appears imminent, Mr. DeWine recently has been tip-toeing away from the Iraq imbroglio, hoping voters won't recall his down-the-line backing of the administration on the war over the past four years.

Mr. Dewine said that the war on terror could not be considered won until Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was toppled.

If that rationale sounds familiar, it's because Mr. DeWine was parroting the administration line - claims that Mr. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and others haven't abandoned to this day, even though they've been thoroughly discredited.

It's good to know there's a paper somewhere in Ohio that doesn't have its nose up Carl Lindner's bum.

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