24 August 2006

Miami to Offer Free Tuition

Miami becomes one of several schools around the country (including Haaarvard) to offer free tuition to low-income students:

...Miami University President David Hodge announced the college will offer free tuition for qualifying Ohio students beginning next year.

"We have worked hard in the past few years to better align tuition with the ability to pay for the cost of an education, effectively moving the state subsidy toward those who need it most," Hodge said. The initiative will provide tuition to all academically qualified Ohio students with family incomes less than $35,000.

The funds for this new initiative became available because of a donation of more than $10 million from Lois K. Klawon, a 1939 MU alumna from Westlake who died in 2005 and left half of her estate to MU to support needy students.

The program is expected to educate 125-150 new students. It's great and I'm all for it, but it's a shame that these students will only have the opportunity because of a wealthy patron rather than because the state of Ohio stepped up to the plate. But our elected officials were real busy working on corporate tax cuts. In their world, tax cuts creat more opportunity than education.

Real smart, those Republicans.


Wes said...

Good on Miami. As the husband of an Ohio University grad, I usually crack on them (even though my best man was a Miami grad and I've partied very hard in both Oxford and Athens). But in this, they deserve good press.

Meanwhile, the state legislature alternates between fellating corporations and declaring Rod Parsley the Pope of Ohio. Y'all gotta get one chamber back by 2012.


WestEnder said...

OU will always outrank Miami for partying, although they did slip to #6 in the rankings this year.

OTOH, Miami has the Szerbiak and Roethlisberger factors. And probably a hockey player or two as well.

OU wins in partying; MU wins in sports. If only there was a way to break the tie. What else do they do at college?

Wes said...

I teach college. I have no idea what else happens besides partying or sports.

It ain't education, especially if I'm in front of the class.