30 July 2009

Findlay Market: Most Dangerous Market in America

By now everyone has heard the thorough, fact-checked local media reports about Cincinnati being the most dangerous city in the history of the world.

It goes without saying that Findlay Market, located in the heart of OTR, is therefore the most dangerous market in America. People are regularly mugged and beaten while buying fruits and vegetables, and in some cases are attacked by the fruits and vegetables themselves.

So I was very disappointed to discover that the market is now a handgun-free zone. I don't know how I'm supposed to protect myself anymore.

Semblance of sunny summer masks an underworld of dark-skinned danger.


CityKin said...

The Amish farmer is armed and dangerous.

Wolfie said...

Findley Market is okay. But just that. ONLY OKAY. Lets not make it out to be something its not. Its VERY small and its in a HORRIBLE area thats not centrally located and you need to drive to go to it.(With your doors and windows locked because the area is not all that great outside the market) And there really are NOT alot of stores or vendors. Alot of times its just not worth a special trip.

Ever been to the Dayton, OH Farmers Market? Ot St Louis's in the Solard Neighborhood?

Norm De Plume said...

You're right, Wolfie. Findlay Market is not hands down the largest farmers market in the greatest neighborhood in the world, so it's not worth visiting.

Perhaps the problem is that you're going at 2 a.m.? I can't imagine you'd be worried about getting carjacked on Central Parkway on a Saturday morning. Nobody is that paranoid.

Kasmira said...

At least there's free wireless.

Kate The Great said...

Wow. I have never, ever worried for my safety while at Findlay Market. From the plentiful foot traffic to subtle police presence to the number of "ambassadors" assisting folks in finding parking spaces, etc, I have never felt concerned about my surroundings there. And I'm a single chick with more than one cautious bone in her body.

When I'm at Findlay, I am only concerned with getting the best deal on strawberries and scoring the most beautiful floral bouquet. I also worry immensely that I won’t have the pleasure of listening to the man play the guitar and harmonica near the Race St. side of the market. Hysteria is what sets in when I discover Jean Francois’ Taste from Belgium kiosk has not replenished its waffle samples.

For the record, I have never felt frightened enough to ensure my windows and doors are locked while driving through Over-the-Rhine. As far as I can tell, OtR operates on the same premise as any other neighborhood in America; be smart about things, and everything will be okay.

Wolfie, have you been to Kenwood Towne Centre? The traffic and number of SUVs there is enough to instill panic and pandemonium - or at the very least, drive you to drink.

Wolfie said...

Actually I have gone on Saturday and Sunday late mornings/afternoons.

Look Findley is okay. But let me put this in perpective. See I am not originally from Cinci. I moved here 3 years ago from Boston. I heard so much about Findley before I got here I guess I was just alittle let down. It IS kinda small and the neighborhood surrounding it is not the best. . Okay yes you can get some killer deals on Veggies and maybe some flowers but thats about all. IMO. There's just not enough there to make it worth a special trip. And it seems everytimr I go there are more empty stalls inside than the time before (Although the vegetable samosa's do come close at the import store to make it "special" YUM!) I'd just perfer to take the extra 30 Minutes and drive to the Farmers Market in Dayton, OH.

Findley is okay. But its just not that special to me.


Norm De Plume said...

No need to apologize. I'm sure there are bigger farmer's markets out there. It's just that I'm not a native Cincinnatian either, and I find the notion that OTR (where I live, by the way) is a dangerous neighborhood on a Saturday during daylight hours to be truly laughable.

Have you been to Kroeger & Sons? I challenge you find better fresh sausage anywhere.

Wolfie said...

No I'll try them. Really.

If you like BREAD though and you ever get to The Dayton Farmers Market on 4th Street. There is a stand that has the MOST EXCELLENT Stone Oven Baked Bread in the WORLD! And bagels like you wouldn't believe.

But I'll try Kroger & Sons

WestEnder said...

I also was going to mention Kroege & Sons... if you like sausage (and who doesn't?) you'll be hog heaven.

k said...

i like the creamed honey from the bee haven guy. and that FABULOUS mustard from the spice place.

and i've never felt unsafe. everyone knows criminals don't come out till late afternoon.

fritzburger said...


I have to really restrain myself here, because of the ignorance of your comments. Firstly, I live right around the corner from the market. I have never felt unsafe in or around my house. I have never been the victim of a crime there, and it is absolutely absurd to think that I would be car-jacked anywhere near Findlay Market. Second point. I have lived in Boston on co-op, and been to your famous Faniel Hall/Quincy Market. It is nothing compared to Findlay. Findlay is a REAL CITY MARKET, not a former one converted into a food court. There are a plethora of amazing butchers, delis, spice merchants, produce merchants, and the most extensive cheese selection I have ever seen. From rare imported spices, to fine fresh bread Findlay has it. If you don't think it's worth a short trip to OTR, then you must not be getting out of your car. We've chosen to invest with our lives because we believe in the Market so much, so I'm sorry, but I can't let you publicly deride it with ignorant statements like "...killer deals on vegies and maybe some flowers but that's about all." Spending the gas to drive 30mins up to Dayton when you've got a world class city market within walking distance...Thanks but no thanks!