24 July 2009

Heard Today on "The Buzz"

WBDZ (1230 AM) can always be counted on for face-smacking goofiness that stretches the bounds of incredulity. Today a lady called in with this theory:

AIDS was invented in an American lab. "They" gave it to homosexuals because homosexuals made whites look bad. Then "they" started putting black men in prisons and gave them AIDS in the prisons. Our sisters need to be aware of this and protect themselves.


Mark said...

Considering the time frame, "They" must have included J. Edgar Hoover who had his finger in virtually everything. J. Edgar was racist but I can't see him going against homosexuals.

jeff said...

The Buzz has been my favorite radio station for a long time. There is that share of goofiness which I appreciate, but, seriously, their coverage of local "community" events is sometimes surprisingly strong.

Radarman said...

These beliefs are widely held in the ghetto. No kidding.