12 July 2009

Chris Smitherman & Cecil Thomas Should Visit Stockholm

Because maybe it would help them come to their sense. At least Thomas. Maybe.

An excerpt from Friday's Enquirer story:

With... a $20 million deficit ahead, members of Cincinnati City Council now are debating whether to honor the King of Pop with a moment of silence.

Councilman Cecil Thomas intends to introduce a resolution at council's next meeting Aug. 5.

"This is something personal, just for myself... I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson. I grew up with Michael Jackson."

Personal? Just for himself? So taxpayer-funded city government should spend time on something that is personal and just for Cecil Thomas while the city contends with a $20m defecit?

What planet is this guy on?

As I opined before, this grotesque politicization of Michael Jackson for personal gain is so utterly pathetic, so gaggingly distasteful that the only reaction I can have is admiration... admiration of the great restraint Cincinnati's reasonable public has showed in this matter.

Chris Smitherman has made a life out of sinking low but it's hard to imagine even him sinking lower than this. It's obvious that neither Smitherman, Thomas nor the NAACP truly have any love for Jackson's music. If they really did, they would honor him the way he is honored by his true fans. Like this, for example:

So what do you think, Mr. Smitherman, Mr. Thomas and members of the NAACP... if Michael Jackson were looking down upon the world now, what do you think HE would rather see, your politicization of his musical legacy for one minute of silence in city council chambers, or his fans half a world away coming together in flash mob celebrations of his music and dance legacy?


Kate The Great said...

I don't know if Cincinnati is progressive enough to take on something this ambitious. Very cool (I am dying for a flash mob to bust out somewhere... You know where you'll find *me*). And do we have a place where a consistently large body of people congregate? The Square is an option, but sometimes I think the foot traffic there is hit or miss.

PS - You've arrived - you're getting fun spammy comments!

liz said...

100% of readers polled want less politics and more food

WestEnder said...

I had goetta this morning. That's food.

Dick Bronson said...

If people tried that on Fountain Square the cops would taze them so fast it would make your head spin.