16 July 2009

Second Sunday on Main - July 2009

Help paint a community mural? Normally my lack of artistic talent would prevent my participation but a cutie with a camera walked in so I walked in, too.

They painted the tree, wanted people to paint the leaves. The green blob in the corner is my "leaf." Cutie pie did not contribute.

Other paintings by actual artists. The surface is silk. These don't do anything for me but I liked the smaller ones they had outside. I might just buy one next time.

Oh no!! She left and all I got was a picture of her walking away! Well, that and this nice flower painting.

The drag races begin.

There are several notable things in this picture. Take the time.

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Angela Morrow said...

This was a great day at c4yourself art gallery. It is a blast to see how all the leaves painted by over 40+ people developed an incredible tree - a symbol of unity. - Angela Morrow - Owner c4yourself art gallery